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Big Game and Predator Hunting Calls

Deer, Hog, and Coyote Hunting Calls

Big Game and Predator Hunting Calls

Big Game Hunting Calls

Ol' Mossy Grunter

"Ol' Mossy Grunter" Deer Call

This is not just another deer call, but a full range deer communication device. This call produces the soft tending grunts and clicks, as well as extra load throaty grunts of mature rutting bucks. It easily adjusted to also produce the estrus bleats and cries of does and fawns. Call comes with the “Extend-A-Tube” for variable tones and pitch. It’s offered in your choice of beautiful Cocobolo or Stealth Black. Grunt up a big ‘un with the Ol’ Mossy Grunter!
Hawg Squealer

“Hawg Squealer” Wild Pig Call

This call produces the squeal of wild pigs. Its designed to duplicate the sounds of wild pigs fighting over feed, breeding, or a pig in distress. Please use caution if you hunt from the ground.

Predator Hunting Calls

Twisted Critter

“Twisted Critter” Predator Call

This one call produces 3 different sounds with a twist of a wrist. Select “C” for cotton-tail, “J” for jackrabbit or “CX” for coaxer. This call is field tested & proven to be deadly on coyotes, foxes and bobcats.
Twisted Critter II

“Twisted Critter II” Predator Call

This call will yelp, whine, howl and mimic a coyote bitch in heat or coyote revelry. Very versatile Coyote call. It’s also great for locating coyotes and turkeys.
Coyote Howler

Coyote Howler Call

Open reed design with a short barrel, makes it easy to control. Good call for locating coyotes and Turkeys. Has an extendable tube to vary tone and pitch and sound like multiple coyotes.
Open Reed Coyote Call

Open Reed Coyote Call

Produces a wide range of coyote calls and howls great, produces great volume when needed.
Predator Call

Predator Call

This call mimics a cottontail rabbit in distress. Has a stainless steel reed system… It’s perfect for calling coyotes, bobcats, and foxes.
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