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Cut Down Game Calls Components

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Cut Down Game Calls Components

J-Frame Inserts with O-rings for Single and Double Reed Duck Hunting Calls

J-Frame Inserts
J-Frame Inserts

Duck Call J-Frame Inserts

Fits 0.625″ diameter barrel bore. These are offered in single and double reed styles. Comes assembled complete with reeds, wedge, & O-rings. For larger orders of 50+, contact us for price discount.

Replacement Reeds, Wedges, Inserts and Guts

Reeds and Wedges

Arkansas Style Single & Double Reed

Replacement Reeds & Wedges (Includes 5 Reeds and 2 Wedges) No.00025 REEDS & WEDGES.
Reeds and Toneboard

Cajun Style Double Reed

Complete Replacement Assembly (Includes 2 Reeds, 1 Wedge & 1 Tone Board) No.00026 DOUBLE REED ASSEMBLY.
Short Reed Guts

Canada Goose, Short Reed “Clucker Style” Guts

Canada goose components fit a 0.625″ (5/8”) diameter bore. Complete Replacement Assembly (Includes Reed, Wedge & Tone Board) No.00030 Goose Guts Assembly.
Double Reed Insert Assembly

Cajun Style Double Reed Insert Assembly

Cajun Duck Call Kit comes ready to fit in 0.75″ diameter barrel bore. (Includes Insert (keg), O-rings, Reeds, wedge & Tone Board) No.00028 Double O-Ring Insert ASSEMBLY.
Insert Assembly

Goose Call Insert Assembly, Goose Call Kit

Kit comes complete with Keg and “Clucker Guts” assembly. Ready to fit in .875″ (7/8”) diameter barrel bore. (Includes Insert, O-rings, Reed, Wedge & Tone Board) No.00031 Double O-Ring Insert ASSEMBLY.
Speckle Belly Goose Call Guts

(Speckle Belly) White Fronted Goose Call Guts

Fits 0.500” (1/2″) bore. Assembly Includes Reed, Wedge & Tone Board No.00034 Goose Guts Assembly.
Short Reed Style Guts

Snow Goose and White Fronted (Speckle Belly) Goose, Short Reed Style Guts

Fits 0.625″ (5/8”) bore. Complete Assembly Includes Reed, wedge & Tone Board No.00033 Goose Guts Assembly.
Snow Goose Speck Call Insert Assembly

Snow Goose Speck Call Insert Assembly

Snow Goose / Speck Call Insert Assembly. Comes with tone board, wedge, reed, o-rings, and keg.

Deer Call Insert Assembly

Deer Call Insert Assembly

Fits an approximate 0.75” (3/4″) diameter “tapered” bore. (Adjustable Tone Board for fawn bleat, doe, and buck grunt) Includes Insert, Reed, O-ring, Wedge & Tone Board (as pictured) No.00036 Deer Insert Assembly.